Global Network Infrastructure

  • 13
    Locations and growing
  • 10
    Internet Exhanges
  • 400+
    Gbps Transit Capacity
  • 240+
    Gbps Peering Capacity

Connecting You to Key Markets

At Netrouting, we prioritize diversity and optimal routing to provide our customers with reliable and scalable internet connectivity options. Our performance-driven approach involves partnering with top-tier carriers and internet exchanges to ensure that we offer resilient and high-speed connections.

We strategically choose our locations to connect with local carriers and internet exchanges, providing our customers with direct access to prestigious routes in key markets. This results in our customers enjoying excellent latency to destinations worldwide.

  • Designed for Scale: Netrouting's High-Traffic Network

    Netrouting's network is designed to handle high volumes of traffic while maintaining optimal performance. We ensure that our port utilization on external connections never exceeds 40%, enabling us to quickly and efficiently process more traffic or onboard new customers.

  • Quality Over Quantity: Netrouting's Selective Connectivity Blend

    Quality is at the core of our connectivity blend, which includes only the most reputable carriers and local internet exchanges. We continuously work on improving our routes and optimizing internet connectivity to deliver the best possible service to our customers.

  • Seamless Global Connectivity: Netrouting's Borderless Network

    With global peering coverage, we connect to major internet exchange points worldwide, such as the AMS-IX in The Netherlands, LINX in United Kingdom and the FL-IX in Miami, FL. Our network extends across borders, providing our customers with direct access to local routes no matter where they connect with us.

Key Services

From powerful bare metal servers to versatile cloud compute options, GPU-enhanced processing power, and secure colocation services, we offer a suite of services to support and scale your operations efficiently.

Bare Metal Servers

Offering maximum performance and control, our Bare Metal Servers are the ideal solution for high-demand applications and dedicated hosting.

Cloud Compute

Cloud Compute services deliver scalable, flexible, and cost-effective computing resources, perfect for businesses seeking agile and efficient IT infrastructure.

GPU Server

GPU Servers provide powerful, specialized computing for graphics-intensive applications, AI, machine learning, and data processing tasks.

Colocation Services

Our Colocation Services offer secure, reliable, and connected spaces for your servers, ensuring optimal uptime and connectivity for your critical infrastructure.

Network Freedom

Take Control of Your Network Traffic with Netrouting's Advanced Route Policies

At Netrouting, we empower you with full control over your network traffic using advanced traffic engineering capabilities. With our flexible routing options, you can customize the way your traffic is distributed both inside and outside of our network.

Our routing options provide you with a range of tools to ensure your traffic is optimized for your specific needs. By utilizing our route policies, you can manage which carriers to accept, which peering routes to use, which prefixes to originate where, and more.

Our flexible routing options enable you to accomplish a variety of use cases. For instance, you can tailor your traffic to exclude specific carrier or Internet Exchange Point (IXP) routes, ensuring that your traffic flows only through preferred routes. Additionally, you can give priority to traffic over specific routes, ensuring the fastest and most reliable routes are used.

Moreover, our routing options can help you prevent unwanted regional announcements, so your traffic avoids traveling through regions where you may face regulatory or legal challenges. You can also block or filter incoming traffic to prevent malicious traffic from entering your network.

This is only a selection of common use cases. Our advanced traffic engineering capabilities give you the freedom to leverage our network to achieve your business objectives and optimize your network traffic.

Utilize BGP communities to improve your network
  • 6206:11001 - AMS-IX Routes
  • 6206:2914 - NTT Routes
  • 6206:999 - NO-EXPORT

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